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ISKCON Hungary kindly invites you and your partner
to ’Diwali, the Festival of Lights’
on 16 November 2017 at 18:00.

Dürer Rendezvényház
1146 Budapest, Ajtósi Dürer sor 19-21.
Parking can be accessed from Abonyi utca.


Śrīla Prabhupāda is the founder and greatest spiritual master of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). The saint left for America at the age of '69 to fulfill the instruction of his spiritual master and spread the timeless wisdom of India overseas, among Western people. A mere one year after arriving in the USA, promptly 50 years ago, he registered the Society, so that India’s ancient religion became officially acknowledged in the West. Maintaining dialogues with famous scholars, religious leaders, he also gave televised interviews, organized programs attracting full house, then established temples, schools, vegetarian restaurants and self-sustaining farming communities. Clearly, he was filling a yawning spiritual gap, much needed in the countries chasing economic growth at a breakneck pace.

Although the world tends to know Krishna Consciousness as a religion, the bhakti yoga propounded by Prabhupāda represents a complete philosophy and way of life, which can lead to a healthy, happy and simple life. This recipe is being spread by the devotees of Krishnas in the whole world ever since.

The 50th anniversary of the registration of ISKCON is commemorated throughout the world including Hungary with festivals and celebrations. At the site of our dinner function, you can view our exhibition titled "Prabhupāda, the Emissary of Spiritual Science". Step by step, the exhibition describes the history of the unfolding of this movement, as well as the beneficial effects on society of Prabhupāda, which made him the emissary of peace.

At the dinner function you can personally meet with Sivarama Swami, who is the spiritual leader of ISKCON Hungary and who is a personal disciple of Śrīla Prabhupāda and a heir to his vision and spiritual heritage. He will not only speak of Prabhupāda's work but also about his personal reminiscences about his spiritual master.


Our Divali dinner in 2017 is organised around the subject of gastronomy culture of India.

India is one of the countries has a culture of a peculiar diet that goes back to thousands of years and can be considered the home country of vegetarianism, which is getting increasingly popular. This art of cuisine is based on the scientific basis of Ayurveda, raising eating beyond mere culinary experience, transforming it to the basis of a healthy lifestyle. What is more, not just to the level of healthy living but further beyond, to spiritual hights: preparing the food and consuming it becomes a pleasant and easy way to attaining God; with the preparation of the food being a meditation, a means of expressing our devotion toward Him. This tradition and attitude is kept alive by the followers of Vaishnavism at their temples and restaurants, now spread around the world.

Śivarāma Swami, who has been following the tradition of Indian cuisine, will be speaking in more detail about the origins, foundations, ethical and moral background of India’s gastronomical culture as well as about its effect on our lives. His spiritual master, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda was one of the pioneers of spreading vegetarianism in the West, who convinced tens of thousands of people by presenting and popularising the lifestyle based on consuming healthy, pure, sanctified vegetarian meals.

After the lecture, the esteemed guests of the evening can see the presentation of three master chefs who will show and explain the preparation of a complete Indian meal. Among the chefs will be Hemangi, the popular gastro-blogger as well, whose latest cookery book on Indian street food recipes will be available on the spot and will be signed by the author.

Please confirm your attendance by 3 November
at one of the following contacts.

Information and confirmation: Madhupati Dās
Phone: 06 30 630 2579
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