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The Hungarian Society for Krishna-Consciousness
has the pleasure of inviting you and your partner
for its festive dinner on the occasion of

to be held from 6pm on on Wednesday, October 3 2018.

Europa Congress Center
1021 Budapest, Hárshegyi út 5.
Parking provided by the venue.
Arrival 5:30pm for 6pm


Śrīla Prabhupāda is the founder and greatest spiritual master of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). The saint left for America at the age of '69 to fulfill the instruction of his spiritual master and spread the timeless wisdom of India overseas, among Western people. A mere one year after arriving in the USA, promptly 50 years ago, he registered the Society, so that India’s ancient religion became officially acknowledged in the West. Maintaining dialogues with famous scholars, religious leaders, he also gave televised interviews, organized programs attracting full house, then established temples, schools, vegetarian restaurants and self-sustaining farming communities. Clearly, he was filling a yawning spiritual gap, much needed in the countries chasing economic growth at a breakneck pace.

Although the world tends to know Krishna Consciousness as a religion, the bhakti yoga propounded by Prabhupāda represents a complete philosophy and way of life, which can lead to a healthy, happy and simple life. This recipe is being spread by the devotees of Krishnas in the whole world ever since.

The 50th anniversary of the registration of ISKCON is commemorated throughout the world including Hungary with festivals and celebrations. At the site of our dinner function, you can view our exhibition titled "Prabhupāda, the Emissary of Spiritual Science". Step by step, the exhibition describes the history of the unfolding of this movement, as well as the beneficial effects on society of Prabhupāda, which made him the emissary of peace.

At the dinner function you can personally meet with Sivarama Swami, who is the spiritual leader of ISKCON Hungary and who is a personal disciple of Śrīla Prabhupāda and a heir to his vision and spiritual heritage. He will not only speak of Prabhupāda's work but also about his personal reminiscences about his spiritual master.


The Subject

Our age is higher speed than ever, still, an increasing number of people think we should not accept this passively. Millions try to do something about living a more successful and more conscious life. They pay more attention to their health, try yoga and vegetarian diet, or sqitch to more environment friendly methods. A kind of revolution of the mind is taking place, which benefits the individual as well as society at large.

In this process of spiritual awakening one of the main streams is the ancient wisdom of India, which was brought to Western people by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Not only he gave the West 108 temples and countless centers, but his disciples have founded many ecovillages as well. One of the largest of these in Europe is Krishna Valley, which was built by devotees on instructions by Srila Sivarama Swami, spiritual leader of ISKCON Hungary.

During its quarter century of existence, Krishna Valley has shown the world, that not only are ecovillages feasible, but they offer maybe the only real chance of survival for humankind. However, this is only sustainable if the desires are underpinned by spiritual strength and a healthy community cemented by a consistent philosophy. At 2018s Diwali dinner the 25 years old Krishna Valley will be on the stage – come and join us to experience.

Please confirm your attendance by 23 September
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Information and confirmation: Erika Smid
Phone: +36 30 190 8365
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